Would You Abolish Cartoon Characters?

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Have you heard the latest in the round of proposals by government for the packaging industry?

Kill off the cartoon images on cereal packaging! Really…. no joke.

They have decided that children are eating this high sugar breakfast cereals because of the attractive cartoon characters displayed on the boxes. Other low cost brands with the same sugar content are okay because their packaging does not contain the cartoon effect that attracts our younger generation.

They say it is false advertising to attract the youth with well known and favourite characters to persuade them to buy their brands etc.

I mean really…… cartoon characters getting the blame?!?!?!?!?

Sure that is just healthy competition and marketing. Yes/No

That is what marketing is all about…. isn’t it??

Surely if they have issues with the content it should be that that they attack not trying to bring down sales by destroying the life of our much loved cartoon characters!

Is this a step to far?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that our kids will still want what is inside the packet….. there lies the issues….. not with what is on the outside of the packet!

Why penalise the big names who are successful in what they do.

The whole world has gone crazy.

Okay agreed there are issues that need tackled on the inside of the boxes for sure! But let’s not go about it the wrong way.

Remember oh people of power, the adults who buy this breakfast cereal will continue to buy what their darling children like no matter what colour the outside of the box is!

Insist the inside contents change to become more healthy and let the outside stay fun and appealing….. Educate our children to make the right choice along the way.

I am sure that penalising the packaging world is not going eradicate the high sugar levels in our childs morning breakfast cereals.

In fact, (see what you have started now!) it is an insult to think that simply by removing the fun loving characters that this will solve these issues and that ‘US’ as customers find it acceptable! — just my views of course.

The outside does not change what is going on in the inside!

Please don’t treat us like we are stupid! Don’t take away the fun for our kids either. Hey, why not simply abolish all breakfast cereals — job done!

Okay…. enough of that rant….. touched a raw nerve there…. maybe!

To read a more in-depth review on this topic follow this link ~ https://inews.co.uk/news/health/mps-call-ban-companies-cartoon-characters-marketing-unhealthy-food-children/

The issues are real, there is no denying that fact, but please credit the human race with a little more respect.

Education and choice is what is in order here. Not bullying tactics and labelling.

Cartoons are part of every child’s growing up process and just because they are there does not mean that every child and parent will buy.

Listen, I bet even Jamie Oliver knows who ‘Tony The Tiger’ is and what he represents — but as an adult he has the choice to buy or not to buy.

I totally understand the need to look at our diet and look after our little ones and that things need to change…… but, attacking the packaging in not the right way or one which should be getting the priority hit! Still have the appealing packaging just change the recipe! sorted….. simples!

Let’s bring out more healthy options with packaging that is more fun and interactive for the kids. Subsidise the healthy option so as the less wealthy households can afford it and tax the unhealthy options.

Look at the bigger picture and stop wasting energy on the small stuff!

Creativity is such a gift and should not be shut down for all the wrong reasons.

Save the cartoon characters!

save Tony!

Be sensible and don’t lose touch with what is real.

Chat soon.

Have fun and keep safe!

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We are a leading manufacturer of plain and printed polythene bags, mailing bags, tissue paper, bubble wrap, design & bespoked www.polypostalpackaging.com

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